I have been an artist all of my life. One would not know it by my career in engineering, computers and business. In my spare time I painted in oils, did some metal sculpture and enjoyed playing music in my home studio. After selling my business in 1985, I built a commercial recording studio and discovered that the design and construction process appealed to me far more than daily studio operations, so I sold the studio to a young man whose passion was recording music!

When my wife Peggy registered us for some woodturning classes at a local woodworking store in 2001, we discovered a world of craftsmanship and artistry we did not know existed. The possibilities I saw were endless. I immediately began honing my turning and carving skills. I also developed a software package for woodturners to facilitate the design and assembly of segmented works. As it turned out, my previous forays into art created a perfect foundation for the kind of work I do now.

While my work is somewhat abstract, I prefer to represent the human spirit in various ways.  I love the fluidity of glass art, and discovered a way to incorporate it into my work in wood.


I seek to connect with my audience, and it is my goal that none walk away unaffected.